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FaithWalk Leadership


Members of Our leadership team join us every year on our journeys, and we couldn’t do it without them. Each leader has experienced a Journey with FaithWalk as a traveler prior to helping us lead a trip; so, they know what it’s like to be in your shoes. They come from all different professions that help create the dynamics of our journeys. They are teachers, nurses, trainers, web designers, military personnel. But the one thing they all have in common is a heart for the Lord, a heart for His Land, a heart for His people, a heart for FaithWalk International, and a desire for YOU to experience what they did in Israel.


David has been connected to Israel since his first trip in 1977. He has taken countless journeys to Israel and has led over 15 Journeys since founding FaithWalk International in 2004.

Being raised in a military home, as well as serving in the US Army Special Forces, David brings a deeper understanding to the traveler of the historical and modern day battles Israel has faced and continues to face to this day.


Today David is a Director at a large IT company, where he continually practices Jesus' leadership principles in the marketplace. His desire is that every traveler will develop a deeper understanding and heart for the Lord, His Land and to equip every traveler with the foundational leadership principles of Jesus.


Amy first experienced Israel on a journey with FaithWalk International, where she fell in love with the Land and people of Israel.  Previously Amy served as a Branch Chief in the Federal Government, where she practiced the leadership principles of Jesus in the marketplace.


Today she is blessed to be a stay at home mom, where she has one of the most important leadership roles in the world, raising their beautiful baby girl. Her desire is that every traveler experiences the Lord in Israel in a real and tangible way and will return home ....never to be the same again.


Rev. Pat's passion for Israel started with her father's first trip in 1945. She has had the Privilege and Blessing of walking The Land in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s ,  2000s, and now 2010s! She has truly seen "The Desert Bloom like a Rose"!

Rev. Pat grew up in a military family, becoming a teacher for military children overseas where she eventually met her husband LTG Paul Cerjan. Together they traveled the world where she entertained and met with dignitaries and kings and queens, while managing a household of 3 boys. She has led numerous bible studies, prayer groups, been a keynote speaker at countless Christian events, taught classes at a Bible college, and is a mentor to many young women.

Since stepping into Jerusalem on her 1st Journey to The Holy Land in December 1960, she sensed "I had come home". Her desire is for every traveler to experience the same joy as she did, as the Holy Bible does say "Believers in Jesus Christ are destined to live in The New Jerusalem, our Eternal Home"!


LTG (Ret.) Jerry Boykin

Dr. Tom Daugherty

Nancy Daugherty

Christine Farrell

David Farrell

CJ Wyatt


Pastor Eddie Trayers - Presidential Advisor


Derrick Brown

Lavinia Brown

Garrett Caffee

Marion Garratt

Marytony Torres

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